For 30 years, goldsmiths and jewelery designers Sabine and Andreas Treykorn have been working with great enthusiasm on their gallery on Savignyplatz in Berlin Charlottenburg. As a connoisseur of the jewelry scene, they know how to win interesting jewelry designers. They are just as successful in making many people crave innovative jewelery that impresses with its craftsmanship and aesthetic quality.

The repertoire of more than forty jewelery designers demonstrates the diversity of contemporary artist jewelery. The choice goes from the classic arm or neckband, which lives from its technical perfection, to rings that come into their own with their expressive design or baroque opulence on the finger, to necklaces or brooches, which in their reduced design language with sparingly applied accents become an effective decor. In addition to established, internationally known artists, young jewelery designers are also invited to draw attention to themselves with their witty ideas and sometimes unconventional execution – provided that their work meets the demand for functionality and value.

Jewelery wants to be felt and experienced, its haptic appeal lies in the subtle combination and processing of the material. For the gallery owners, it is always a challenge to stage the exciting spectrum of their artists through the appropriate selection and comparison. Sabine and Andreas Treykorn make a considerable contribution to the dissemination and acceptance of the art of jewelery – thank you very much.

Dr. Christianne Weber-Stöber, art historian