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Dorit Schubert – jewelry objects of great delicacy and lightness

Fascinating about this jewelry are tenderness, the delicacy and lightness of the objects.

“My work technique, bobbin lace, has a long tradition, the materials used are new. I work with fine threads made of silver, stainless steel and nylon. During my studies, I discovered bobbin lace for jewelry design, which is more related to textile art, and since then I have concentrated on finding more specific ones properties of this technique and its implementation in jewelry.The enthusiasm for the old, time-consuming technique of the “lace clapper”, which threatens to disappear as a transient cultural asset, justifies the intensive examination of this “handiwork”. The design challenge lies in finding a specific one handwriting and creating new contemporary jewelry. The bobbin lace with atypical materials opens up new design options and forms of expression for me. The advantages of the material make it possible to work both flatly and spatially. The combination of stability, mobility and simplification f lead to the use of technology and to abandon traditional basic patterns. “